And the Boy Who Had Never Walked a Dog

My name is Dexter.

And I’m very excited because today I have a really big job to do.

I’m going to meet my new friend Nathan.

He’s ten years old, and he’s never walked a dog before.

I’ve been training for this my whole life.

I was only eight weeks old when a volunteer took me home to start teaching me how to be a very good boy.

I learned to sit.
And stay.
And get.
And pull.

And then I learned really hard things, like how to work in a hospital with my mom, Christy.

Today, I’m visiting Nathan on the eighth floor of my hospital — Children’s Memorial Hermann.

He had an operation yesterday, and today he needs to spend time with a friend.

That means me. Because I am a boy’s best friend.

Girl’s, too!

But back to Nathan.

Before his operation, Nathan’s muscles were very tight, and he had trouble opening his hands.

So he’s never been able to hold a leash, like the blue and yellow one I wear.

We went all the way to a playroom filled with toys.

I wanted to play with them, but I’m a very good boy, so I focused on Nathan instead.

My tail couldn’t stop wagging.

Nathan couldn’t stop giggling.

And my mom said, “You’re a very good boy, Dexter.”


Jordan Rubio


Susan Barber


Mizanur Rahman


Clarissa Rubio
Robert Wuensche


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